LEFICO prides itself for being categorized as a leader in the Middle East region, a title that was gained due to the top grade “A” quality Flakes offered to the market. PET flakes constitute a highly demanded product in the region and LEFICO, using an Italian washing line, outputs hot washed PET Flakes using a recycling process which converts post-consumer PET bottles into pure and clean washed PET Flakes.


Additionally, LEFICO offers its customers the luxury of choosing among Clear, Light Blue, and Green colors and has a production capacity of around 4500 Tons per year.


In what follows we will be listing some of LEFICO’s Hot Washed PET Flakes characteristics:


  • The PET Flakes undergo dual steps of hot washing with the usage of both caustic soda and detergents.
  • The labels, rings and caps are fully removed by automatic process before proceeding to eliminating the dust and impurities. This assures top quality material.
  • The Flakes contain less than 0.05% PVC and is controlled by our laboratory up to 50 ppm.
  • High efficiency dryer to eliminate moisture. The humidity stands at 0.5% maximum.
  • The default size of the flakes is 12-16 mm but we offer our customer the ability to customize the size.
  • Our flakes viscosity ranges from 0.72 to 0.78 dl/gm.
  • The packaging is to be arranged according to customer’s request.


The high quality Hot Washed PET Flakes which LEFICO offers can be used by different industries as an essential part in the production and manufacturing of their products. Among these we mention the usage of the Flakes in the production of fibers in the textile industry, plastic bottles and containers for food storage, asphalt in the construction industry, PET strap for packaging, and PET granules for different applications.

Light Blue PET Flakes

Green PET Flakes