Various industry segments are steadily switching from using Steel Strapping to the more advanced and promising usages of PET Strapping in the packaging sector. Being aware of the latter, Lefico now provides customers with PET Strapping on a global level.

A diversified range of both types be it on the level of smooth or embossed treatment is available along with a full set of colors. This also is coupled with the ability and Capacity to produce, gather, and serve customers around the globe with around 700 tons/year of PET straps.

The characteristics of Lefico’s PET straps feature more cost effectiveness than steel on a cost per meter basis, better resistance to weather changes avoiding in turn the occurrence of rust and stains on products, superior resistance to impact due to their ability to withstand shock force while taking 2.5 times the energy break of steel, advanced tension retention with elastic memory, improved safety due to the absence of sharp edges, 80% more lightness than steel strapping, less floor space requirements for storage, greater liability, minimal elongation, and compatibility with all major packaging equipment.


Usages of PET Straps in various sectors:


  • Building Material & Wood
    • Roofing Tiles
    • Plaster Boards
    • Timber
    • Chipboards
    • Plywood
  • Industries
    • Bottling Industry
    • Steel
    • Glass & Ceramic
    • Automobile
    • Stone
    • Paper
    • Shipping
    • Refractory’s
    • Solid Waste Handling
  • Metal Packaging
    • Steel Coils
    • Aluminum Ingots
    • All kind of Metal Sheet
    • Roods
    • Pipes
    • Aluminum Coils
  • Baling
    • Man Made Fiber
    • Cotton
    • Jute
    • Coir
    • Rubber



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