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In case you are familiar with the appearance of cotton or wool fiber, you can simply tell the similarities it has with the man-made Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF). It is widely recognized and referred to as “fiber for fill,” as itsprimary usage is as polyester fiberfill. The PSF is usually beneficial in the production of non-woven fabrics, upholstery and furniture industry, geo textiles, sportswear, textiles, belts, blankets, caps, car parts, carpets, landfill liners, paint brush bristles, pillows, backpacks, athletic shoes, recycling bins, sails, and stuffing for ski jackets, cushions, mattresses, sleeping bags and quilts in general.

When it comes to Lefico, top quality Recycled Hot Washed PET Flakes are used in the production of the Fiber, all while maintaining a friendly approach to the environment. Also, Lefico assures that a hefty 2600 tons of PSF are produced on a yearly basis in order to serve local and foreign markets.

Lefico uses highly advance Italian technologies in order to ensure satisfactory outcomes and therefore professionally produces in its serial production lines the regular polyester staple fiber. Lefico supplies a superior quality of regular PSF to both domestic and foreign customers that are pressed and packaged in bales of 300 kgs and are suitable for container loading.


A brief about the characteristics of LEFICO’s PSF:


  • Is Strong and durable
  • Features resistance to stretching and shrinking
  • Features resistance to most used chemicals
  • Has a quick drying ability
  • Shows Crispiness and resiliencein both wet or dry states
  • Features resistance to wrinkles
  • Features resistance to Mildew
  • Features resistance to Abrasion

Polyester Fiber

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