LEFICO aims at becoming a premium global company with a clear focus on delivering superior value to its customers, employees and society at large. LEFICO is committed to the creative development of fiber technology products in close collaboration with its customers. 
Its mission is clear:
To increase our fiber export to Europe and the Middle East, while guaranteeing quality assurance, reliable supply and high standards. It is dedicated to the production of eco-friendly fibers and complete customer satisfaction, thus serving its clients wherever they may be in the world, without compromising quality, standards and efficiency.
LEFICO recognizes its various responsibilities towards the supplier, buyer, employer, and community, and focuses on achieving excellence in every aspect of its operations. Its principles encompass: 
a) Customer satisfaction through the continuous improvement of products, standards and services to provide superior quality and value.
b) Respect to stakeholders by valuing the contribution of each individual to insure collective success.
c) Cost efficiency to expand product lines, and serve customers well.
d) Financial strength and stability necessary to insure long-term benefits of investments.
e) Respect of ethical and environmental standards.
f) Community involvement by providing leadership and support resources to the public benefit.